Electric Water Heater Repair Durham NC

Electric Water Heater Repair Durham NC

Electric water heaters are probably the second most favored type next to gas water heaters. We are planning to share a number of the more common problems that may go wrong with an electric hot water heater listed below. These are intended for educational uses for if one is not educated to do repairs to an electrical home appliance it can be an unsafe situation. Also, realizing what these types of symptoms are can certainly help us initially learn what may well be needed for your Durham Electric Water Heater Repair.

Always make sure the power is switched off to the water heater first, and ensure that it is off when the access panel is opened up.

The main locations to first check if the heater is no longer working as one would like when there is no hot water, inadequate hot water, or the water is too hot are these:
Is the power on and the circuit breaker is not tripped.
If those are both switched on and not tripped, try the reset button.
Check the thermostat temperature setting. There are occasions when it may be bumped mistakenly.

In cases where ones water heater is leaking water, call us as quickly as possible. In case it is leaking severely, switch the power off, and if one knows where the water turn off valve is to the heater, turn that off as well. If it is merely a minor leak, still call us so we can resolve the problem. Leaking water in ones home can lead to a lot of damage!

Some other complications could be that the heater is making lots of loud sounds, the hot water has a funny smell, or the color of the water is rusty. Every one of these symptoms will help us know where to examine initially, yet are issues that we should certainly look into before long.

Electric Water Heater Benefits

Do not need to be vented outdoors
Little operational clearance is needed
Longer life span than a gas water heater

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